weatherproof look & catch! flames. More of them... Villeroy & Boch Turin Leuchte 2018 lampshade master seeked

Design for Life.


Ambassadors of a beautiful glow.

This is not a moon, it is a space station. Welcome to a world of interstellar light phenomena shining from a distant universe. Inspired by progress, Sompex participates in the writing of a brilliant future that casts its shadows on everything, concerning lamp design. The result is luminaires and artistic objects, radiant innovations illuminating spaces and souls, icons of aesthetics. As individual in detail, as extraordinary and sophisticated as your settings, for which they were created.

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Villeroy & Boch

The refinement of light.

As a long-time licencing partner of Villeroy & Boch, we at Sompex have devoted ourselves to an exclusive lighting design, which confidently highlights its high standards with its classic elegance and international stylistics. Our Villeroy & Boch collection presents itself in a world-wide luminaire selection which reflects the defining influences of many a famous metropolis. Whether Chicago, Shanghai, Helsinki, Prague, Valencia, Milan, Toulouse or Marrakech, it is up to you to decide in which culture you feel unconditionally at home.


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Light-years ahead.

The dawn of a new age, in which luminosity is surrounded by an aura of the unearthly. Like floating flying objects, striking in their high-gloss chrome finish: the LED-fed light formations by Noovo. An invitation to rooms wishing to radiate a touch of weightlessness, a bit remote from the real world. All of Noovo’s pendulum, ceiling and wall luminaires can be combined endlessly as individual modules or in clusters – making them ideal for the creation of your very own individual cosmos.

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LED Candles

Flaming plea for our European patent.

As of the 1st February 2017, we can proudly say that we, at Sompex, have the first and only patented original for you! So to speak, the primeval flame among numerous competing plagiarisms. Hardly any other Lifestyle product, with its naturally flickering flame, has conquered the market so tempestuously in the past few years, and in doing this, also produced so many imitators. Behind the blazing glow of our Sompex originals, modern LED technology is embedded in a corpus of real wax or high-quality plastic, just as you like it: for a deceptively fiery atmosphere without the dangers of an open flame.

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Flamingos unleashed.

Lifestyle is an interpretable term. Specialising in high-quality interior accessories, at Sompex we ensure that lifestyle becomes palpable with select designers. Above all, with design that translates awareness of life into creative shapes and functionality. Whether with our Lightbox, which illuminates your very own favourite line with motivic neon lamps, light balls, original lanterns with LED light chains, the matching Stardust Display, or with our patented Sompex Flame in a nearly endless selection of variants. A collection as multifaceted as our conceptions of lifestyle. OK then, it’s time to start enjoying life!

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You’re going to get a clip over the ear!

Well, not exactly: we are saying this in an entirely loving way, considering our little ones and their sensitive ears. Because 12.5 percent of children between 6 and 19 years are already affected by hearing loss. This is mainly due to the use of conventional headphones at high volume levels. Buddyphones are headphones especially designed for the new generations, because with their capped volume control and with child-specific features, they provide especially designed protection. Attention is also paid to the highest quality and the safest materials in production, making Buddyphones, with their child-friendly certification, the first choice for parents.

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Divoom TIVOO

Equipped with a 6W full range driver, Tivoo provides an omni-directional DSP-tuned audio, as well as the enhanced bass by its rear bass port. You can further enjoy its endless functions (such as: pixel art creation, alarm, notification and more) on its companion mobile application. This is the most unique pixel art speaker by Divoom.
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A nice state of affairs!

Good taste and successful design actually don’t need a reason. But especially for this celebration, don’t we need the necessary peace to live out both? Sompex demonstrates how with comprehensive, always new and very successful collections. Christmas decorations are offered in an absolutely stylish way and decorated with a charming pinch of humour. Perfect for a youthful ambience, also appropriate as a gift for individualists with style! Highlights of our interior lighting are, among many other items, our luminaires, which reproduce classical motifs such as Christmas star and tree in stylised lines. An unusual look, with which fresh design takes up tradition and radiates a glowing mood. Actually, too good for just a few days of celebration. And this also applies to our “Flame” LED candles: Must-haves in a festively decorated house, which you don’t want to dispense with all along the year. And why should you?

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About Us

We are fascinated by design and light!

And we stick to this for you: Because life is simply too good for mediocrity, we at Sompex deliberately devote all our decorating ideas to the extraordinary. In doing so, this guiding principle carries the signature of a small, well-coordinated team that perfects its work every single day. To this end, we track down exciting trends and attractive shapes all over the world and further develop them with our freelance designers. The result is contemporary products for individualists, design classics like Doggy, Weed and Delux, as well as stylish innovations that are unique, at an attractive price-performance ratio. But we also showcase international brands such as Villeroy & Boch and NeXtime, renowned companies with whom we have had successful licencing partnerships for years, in a new light.

Sompex is now family-managed in the third generation by cousins Florian and Stephan Burghard. Thus, the vision of a better, more beautiful world, is here, within the family. And all this with a modern mindset which applies equally to everybody in the company: continually improving products and processes and therefore also maintaining close exchanges with you as our customer.

SOMPEX Special: A candle becomes a trademark.

Within our Lifestyle range, our Sompex LED candle has led us to succeed with a very special coup. Thanks to the recently issued European patent, since February 2017 Sompex is the only supplier of a LED candle who can speak of the “Original Sompex Flame”. From now on, all others are unauthorised plagiarisms. In this respect, the LED candle enjoys a very special status at Sompex as a flagship product, because like most of our high-quality collections, it stands for a plus in user-friendliness, safety and energy-saving LED technology.