An extensive family affair.

Vision, spirit and farsightedness. This is the formula with which today’s sompex GmbH looks back on almost 70 years of company history. A successful run even through difficult times, during which the relay baton was always passed to the next generation in a highly motivated way. A real family business. One with passionate flair for the spectacular and an inherited sense for outstanding design.

It was Rolf O. Burghard, who, shortly after the end of the war in 1948, laid the foundations for this by creating an import and export company for items of daily necessity in Soest, Westphalia: sompex Handelsgesellschaft mbH. It soon became noticeable, with business doing well. Nothing was taken for granted in those times. Soon, larger premises were necessary and were also found. In Dusseldorf.

In the new headquarters, the focus was initially on the import and distribution of Scandinavian design. And still better: sompex found light! From then on, it was mainly the most unusual and modern in interior lighting and trend-setting items from the hand of brand manufacturers of porcelain, glass and cutlery, that was taken into the collections. A design-oriented product range and exclusive distribution made of the company an important partner in the German trade specialising in interior design.

First handing over of the baton.

In 1961, the firm passed to the next stage and the premises expanded accordingly. A separate administrative and warehouse building was set up in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf, considerably enlarged again eleven years later as sales grew. It was time for the next generation. Rolf Dieter and Klaus H. Burghard, the sons of the company founder, entered the family company in 1966. A little later, in 1972, the brothers took over the helm. The starting shot for two new highly motivated visionaries from their own ranks.

They continuously developed and consolidated the sompex brand over the next decades. It was only logical that 2001 saw the next expansion. Sompex relocated to Dusseldorf-Heerdt. Adequate premises were found here, together with a modern large-scale high-bay warehouse for a continuously growing business with design highlights.

Third generation.

Third generation. The beautiful things of life perpetuate themselves. sompex subscribes to this and remains, meanwhile, in the third generation of the family. As of the 1st October 2014, cousins Florian and Stephan Burghard head the company’s current 30 employees, and continue its trend-setting development with the vision, spirit and farsightedness of the preceding generations. Their fathers, Rolf-Dieter and Klaus H. Burghard, continue to provide the company with committed advice and support.

In close co-operation with creative designers and long-time manufacturers, the distinctive sompex look emerges from live and almost experimental enthusiasm for interior design under the new and young leadership.